While I have experience in all areas of programming, I would consider myself strongest in gameplay, AI, engine and tools/SDK programming. I take great pride in my academic, professional, and personal projects, placing a great deal of effort into them all.

Currently employed at CoolGames Amsterdam, as a Game Developer Intern.

I also enjoy philosophy and writing, and my favourite programming language is C++!

SCP: Containment Breach

SCP: Containment Breach is a free survival horror game based on the SCP Foundation works of fiction, played by thousands of people.

Originally a modder working on the Box of Horrors mod, it was very well-received, enough to be merged into the main game.


A library of modular, plug-and-play AI algorithms in C++, currently supporting the basic bruteforce algorithms, as well as A* and its variants, in grid-based node maps.

The example shown is an implementation of said library, using A* Epsilon for agents and Breadth-First for random level generation.

Click the image to go to the Github page.


A small port of Pokemon Blue's engine to C++, made for a university assignment.


A physics puzzle game made in Unity for the January #1GameAMonth, the goal is for the red ball to reach the green circle in as little time as possible.

The twist? You cannot move the ball. Instead, you move the world around the ball, which causes a loss of direction in most people.

Click the image to play from within your browser!

28 Beers Later

A game made in 48 hours for the Bournemouth University November 2016 game jam, for the theme of "beer".

The goal of the game is to protect your kegs of beer from the evil Necromancer Beer Baron's zombie onslaught, using guns and explosives!

Five Nights At Freddy's JavaScript

FNAF-JS was originally a project to test different methods of animation within JavaScript/HTML/CSS for speed (CSS with hardware acceleration is fastest!) and eventually grew into a full-on port. It is fully playable with nothing but a browser, but for copyright reasons cannot be playable.
It is open-source, however, so you can view the GitHub repository by clicking the image.

March22 Engine

An open-source engine/framework for adding interactive narrative to games, or making visual novel games. Written in C# for use with Unity. Closes the gap between author and programmer by utilising a custom-built, extensible, lightweight scripting language.

Atlamillia Engine

A 2D isometric engine, intended for dungeon-crawler games, succeeding the Atla engine. Designed and built from the ground-up to support many AI agents, using techniques such as spatial partitioning.


For this #OneGameAMonth game, I decided to experiment with platformer gameplay mechanics and a hand-drawn 2D art-style. Probably one of my first projects where every asset was made from scratch.

A development log can be found on my blog here.


A re-imagining of Pong with 3-4 paddles, playing against the ball. Playable in your browser by clicking the image! Use horizontal arrow keys to rotate the paddles.

University Grades/Scores

  • Software Programming

    Blackjack C++ Game - 90%
    2D C++ Game in SDL2 - 90%
    C++ Exam - 86%
    Total: 89.20%

  • Media Devices and Networks

    Computer Science exam - 90%

    Computer Component essay - 82%
    Packet Tracer exam - 70%
    Networking exam - 68%
    Total: 76.20%

  • Computer Graphics

    C++ Math Library and Demo - 88%

    2D C++ Artillery Game - 86%
    Mathematics Exam - 48%
    Total: 71.40%

  • Creative Business

    Group business project - 71%
    E-Portfolio (this website!) - 70%
    In-Class Business exam - 64%

    Games industry business essay - 54%
    Total: 67.65%

  • Game Production Techniques

    UE4 Level - 92%
    Modelling in Maya - 14%
    Total: 53.00%